wimpykidDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days is a novel written by American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney, and is the fourth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It was released on October 12, 2009 in the USA and October 13, 2009, in Canada. The film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, released on August 3, 2012, was based on the book and its predecessor, The Last Straw.

In Dog Days, Greg expects to stay home all summer and do nothing but play video games. His mom urges him to try to get out of the house, but he doesn’t buy it because he’s learned from experience.But as with all his plans, everything goes exactly the opposite.

I love the characters of Greg, Manny, and Rodrick because Manny and Rodrick always pick on Greg, and he manages to turn it into a big show. It makes the book very entertaining. Greg’s parents are unique because if they do something that involves any of the brothers they can never do what they planned. Rowley is irritating because he always gets his way.
The book is hugely funny and a great page-turner. You just know that in the next page Greg’s going to have an unfortunate event, like when Rodrick tricks him into going off the high platform into the swimming pool. The book is especially funny because it gives you the perspective of a 13-year-old’s writing.

If you like a hilarious story about a really dorky teenager and his bummed out life, go read this book. I would rate this series 4/5 because I liked the way jeff Kinney showed a teenage boy who is kind of similar to the real life me. And all the teenagers like me can also relate some of the incidents

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