~13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do~

bookGood habits are important,  but sometimes bad habits that prevent us from reaching our full potential.  One can have all the good habits in the world, but there are bad habits move alongside the good ones. So mentally strong people take lead over the bad one and reach their goal.

To maintain these, one has to develop his mental ability to retain the strength to avoid the bad habits. There are some among us who are predisposed to develop physical strength more easily than the others,  mental strength seems to come more naturally to some people. This book brought out the factors that determine at which you develop mental strength- these are genetics, personality, experiences etc…
The writer brought out that to develop mental strength requires a three-pronged approach. These are thoughts,  behaviors, and emotions. Thoughts identify irrational and replacing them with more realistic thoughts. Behavior ensures your actions in a positive manner despite various circumstances and finally controlling emotions so your emotions don’t  control you.
Mentally Strong people don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves because feeling sorry for yourself is self-destructive. It leads to new problems and can have serious consequences. Amy Morin brought out that mentally strong people don’t  give away their power. This book reveals that when you decide that no one else has the power to control how you feel, you will experience the empowerment in yourself.
They (mentally strong people) don’t  shy away from change. It means that they accept change, when you accept change then you start identifying the pros and cons of the changing and you manage your negative thought to reach your goal. Also embracing change will make you stronger.
The writer wanted to convey that mentally strong people don’t worry about pleasing everyone. This book reveals about various instances where they (mentally strong people)  take calculated risks in their life because they don’t fear taking risks.
Giving up is a learned behavior, so many people give up because they have fixed mindset about their abilities but mentally strong people never give up on their failure. With the kind of input the writer brought out in this book will not only fortify your mental ability but also improve your quality in your life.

One should not expect immediate results. Reaching your full potential requires you to demonstrate willpower to resist short- term temptation. The ability to delay getting what you want now so you can get more later is instrumental to success.

I would rate this book 4/5 as this gives us the individual perception of his or her own mental ability and how to improve and get rid of the bad habits to achieve his or her goal

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