~Malgudi Schooldays~

booksMalgudi Schooldays is written by one of the greatest Indian writer RK Narayan. Most of the books of RK Narayan are centered around villages, its beautiful streets,  lakes, schools, playground, forest, market etc…, and ensured he made them all into life once you read his books.

Malgudi schooldays is a slightly abridged version of Narayan’s celebrated novel “swami and friends“, it is a delightfully funny account of the life of a harum-scarum schoolboy by one of the greatest English-language writers of that time, malgudi schooldays enchants and captivates all those who step into its world.

 The Story in the Malgudi Schooldays is centered around an imaginary town called Malgudi and a school, where a young boy named Swaminathan(Swami) lived with his family.
This sweet short story is from the perspective of a simple village boy, his cohesiveness in the school among three friends, and how he was able to overcome the difficulties for not being allowed to play cricket as much as he liked.
It is also about Swami’s dislike going to school because he was afraid of his headmaster canning him and afraid of homework he had to do.
during his childhood, he was forced to move to a different school because of his antics. Swami was able to overcome the struggle from his grandmother, his coach, and his headmaster, who all seemed to be conspiring against him to ensure he never plays cricket. Also how his friends helped him to come to play the game.
It is a beautiful description of the way the mind of an innocent boy works and his reasoning of various facts of the world.  Once you read this book, you can always recollect your school days like how Swami, Mani, and Rajam did.
RK Narayan brought out in a simple language and for everyone’s pleasure to read. The depiction and activities narrated in this story is still very much alive in the school these days. I recommend every kid and adult should read this simple and realistic story.

I rate this story 4.5/5 for its simplistic and realistic thoughts put in by the writer to depict the story, as if it is forever.

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