~ Fancy Punctures~


*Publisher:- Notionpress

*Author:- Madhuparna Suman

Madhuparna Suman is a Kerala based freelance writer and a creative designer who likes to think differently. she is a computer science engineering graduate. her creative mind has given her enough talent to pen down her debut novel, Fancy Punctures, a unique love story. follow her on facebook to get an update on her upcoming book:- https://www.facebook.com/MadhuparnaSuman/

The story at first starts with a simple conversation between Avanthika a psychology student and her professor, who is traveling with her, as we read through, we find and figure out great perplexion and eagerness of thoughts in the mind of the professor, after him seeing a girl in the airport. He enquires Avanthika about the girl he just saw, after when he saw both of them greeting together, for who she is to her. This is when we are introduced to Vedhika,  Avanthika’s old school friend, the protagonist of the story…

Avanthika tells him that she has been through a lot, telling him about her problems with her love life, problems with her family, problem with coping with herself,…( not to forget that almost the whole story is based on active conversation between Avanthika and her professor, which makes it all the more interesting for the readers to read on…)

And as we read through, I believe, people who have faced similar situations in their life as her’s could easily relate to the story due to the easy flow and simple writing of Madhuprna Suman.

Everything the writer has told in every chapter is expressed beautifully, and everything gets registered in the mind so easily even if we move on to the next chapter.

Madhuprana Suman has explained Vedhika’s bewildered life in a way, I would call it, a simple yet an intricate tapestry, as everything is interconnected, and at the end meets up altogether. it also tells us about the power of true friendship and how at difficult times only a true friend comes to the rescue to help us cope up with it, in this case, Avanthika who was a constant support to Vedhika during her difficult phases, even when at times when Vedhika was very rude to her, she stood by her side, knowing the fact that they were just emotions of mixed feelings.

The book takes us through the life of a girl, and the different phases she comes across, from a guy falling in love with her during her teenage years, facing her typical Indian orthodox family, she loving a guy when she grows up who works in the same office, to petty breakups… it tells a lot. I would rate this book five and half star

Madhuparna Suman is also coming up with her new fantasy novel in 2019, Beyond a mysterious journey (Series:- spirits of time), for more details, follow her on facebook to stay updated:- https://www.facebook.com/MadhuparnaSuman/

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