Andaman and Nicobar islands travelogue part :- 1


     Winter was here, the time which all of us love, be it the colorful festive vibes and the spirit or the getaways we plan.  My family and I are ardent travelers, it’s in our blood, we say.  Seacoast or the beaches have always been one of the ideal places for us to visit, its the waves in patterns flowing, the smell of the sea, the soft sky above reflecting the southern splendors of the sun, the arc of birds moving in complete coordination or the tasty seafood we get there which we crave almost all the time we visit, are few little things which drives us more to get there.  We’ve been planning for Andaman and Nicobar islands for a very long time, we had friends who went there and told us how beautiful that place was, we wanted to experience it ourselves, so this time, we decided to take upon yet another adventure, and see and experience the Andaman and Nicobar islands.  Our six days trip was a bliss and it felt like we were in paradise, a place where one should go with no worries and enjoy every bit of it. Here it goes…


We wanted to celebrate Christmas with our friends, so we decided to leave Hyderabad on 26th of December, this year was comparatively a bit colder, therefore our bodies were quite not acclimatized to the hot weather.  We were all set with our summer wears and other beach essentials, all packed up and ready, set, off.  It was almost two and a half hours journey from Hyderabad to Port Blair.  The closer we got to Port Blair, I could see the boundless Indian ocean, spread all over with different shades of blue.

Once we reached and got off the plane, we could feel the hot blazing sun touching our skin, but quite surprisingly though the sun was bright, the weather was pleasant since its a tropical island.  We were picked up by our vehicle, which then took us to our hotel.  As I mentioned earlier, that we love seafood, we wanted to have that for lunch, so few kilometers ahead of our hotel there was a small restaurant, which had authentic traditional fish curry and rice, we enjoyed it thoroughly, especially after a long flight.

We then in the evening went to the Corbyn Cove beach which is a Sandy, palm-fringed beach and has jet-ski rentals, lounge chairs & several casual eateries.  There we also saw a fisherman and had a little chat with him, and saw him catch the fishes the old fashion way.  Its a great place to end your day with a beautiful sunset, especially, when the sun casts its golden rays down upon the clouds, turning them bright fire red, the rest becomes dove grey with a subtle hint of purple, orange and red, just enough to announce the sunset.  After the sunset, we went to Cellular jail to watch the light and sound show( i am going to talk about it in detail in an upcoming blog).

Things to do in Corbyn Cove beach :- 

  1.   Water Sports and activities like:- jet ski, banana boat ride, paragliding.
  2.   We can buy memorabilia at the shops’
  3.   Eateries with kinds of seafood and snacks
  4.   Drive from Cellular Jail to Corbyn’s Cove is amazing.
At Corbyn Cove beach


Fisherman on the go…





Next morning, we reached the passengers Terminal for our next stop at Neil Island by cruise.  We purchased our tickets for Makruzz cruise.  The journey was around two hours to Neil Island from Port Blair.   Initially, I was a little scared, because of my long history of motion sickness, but surprisingly the cruise went really smooth and nothing really happened *Laughs*.  The cruise was gushing through the blue water and formed wakes behind it.  There were groups of Islands on the way, covered with thick forest and vegetations of coconut and betel palm, I wondered if anyone lived there.  Here the sky and the water seem to fuse into one, blue on another shade of blue.  Everything around seemed like a painting on canvas.  It reminded me of the artworks of Gogh.  Calm, serene and detailed, Van Gogh’s dedication to articulating the inner spirituality of man and nature led to a fusion of style and content that resulted in dramatic, imaginative, rhythmic, and emotional canvases that convey far more than the mere appearance of the subject.  His works always captivate me.

After a yet long but refreshing journey through the waters, we reached Neil Island in the afternoon.  We then were taken to our hotel where we had our lunch and had a quick nap before heading for our sightseeing.  Surprisingly just five hundred meters away or so, there was a beach close to our hotel.  I went and checked it out, the waves were breaking around the rocks in the shallows, their foam crests becoming chaotic lace over the blue.  I watched it swirl and was mesmerized as if the movement of the water choreographed my thoughts…   Around 3pm we headed to Laxmanpur Beach 1, the white beach is formed with the corals all around.  As we walked around the corner, there was a huge bridge (that’s what the locals call it, a bridge, but its basically an arch made of rocks, which seemed quite prehistoric to me).  It felt as if on the other side of the bridge, there was the start of a new world.  With waves gently hitting the walls of the bridge and tall ginormous Seamohwa (Manilkava littorlis) trees along the shore.  The undulating waves splashed perpetually against the barnacle-encrusted foundations…everything there was so well protected and preserved from the vagaries and selfish nature of man.  We spotted few marine animals too like sea cucumber, starfish, few little colorful crabs by the shore.  We spent a little more time there and moved to Laxmanpur Beach 2.  It was almost time for sunset when reached Laxmanpur Beach 2.  We sat there on the warm soft sand of the beach and saw the day ending with the sun going down the sea.  I stood there on the beach, waves of yellowish red crept towards me before running away, only to repeat the process that caused droplets of salty water spray on to my bare sand-encrusted feet.  Beyond those magical waves was something even more mesmerizing and breathtaking ….. the sunset.

20181227_093501_2 (1)
A stroll in port Blair before leaving for Neil island

20181227_093530 (1)

20181227_095201 (1)
At the passengers terminal, Port Blair
20181227_113609_2 (1)
Makruzz cruise
20181227_130546_2 (1)
A view from the cruise
20181227_134254_2 (1)
Reached Neil island
20181227_145950_2 (1)
The beach in front of our hotel
DSC03369_2 (1)
At Laxmanpur beach 1

20181227_161103_2 (1)

20181227_155912_2 (1)
Yoga time!!!
DSC03382_2 (1)
At Laxmanpur beach 2

Day 3 :-

     We woke up very early the next morning to explore the beach next to our hotel.  Since this one was not developed for tourists, it was clean, calm, and peaceful.  We could walk through a few kilometers and enjoyed the morning sunrise, the sunlight filled the sky with pure scattered light; its hue ambitiously illuminating each crevice of the land.  The trees shone as if they were wearing golden crowns and the vast sea was not able to absorb the bright sparks of the sun. The tides on the sea were racing among each other to reach the horizon from where the mighty godlike sun appeared.  And though time continued, the emotions that flowed stilled my soul.  If you have read my previous blogs you know how much of a dog lover we are, there were few friendly dogs who followed us during our walk, we then treated them with some biscuits.

On the same beach, there were few huts maintained by Mr. Mohir Mondal and his wife for the tourist.  These huts were one of the most comfortable of all I have ever seen. They were compact, cozy and were fully made with bamboos.  Upon chatting with Mr. Mondal and his wife I was very glad to hear from the couple that they were very contented with what they earn, since in Andamans tourism plays a major role in the economy of the inhabitants, besides that there are not many job opportunities not even in the agricultural sector.  They told us that most of their occupants are foreigners who stay there as long as for a month or more. they treat their customers with full love and hospitality, so next time, if you are planning for Neil island, do visit their little huts and maybe stay overnight with some bonfire by the beach.  Trust me waking up to a beach with no one around with the gentle sound of the morning waves is the best feeling ever. They have a restaurant too, where we had a cup of morning tea.  We then went back to our room and got ready for our next stop.

We headed to Bharatpur Beach where we hired a glass boat whose floor was made up of a magnifying glass.  It allows its passengers to observe the underwater environment from within the boat.  It was a one hour ride.  We were taken quite far away from the shore, where we saw colorful corals of different shades of pink, red, blue, yellow…..  They were big, small and of different shapes.  We saw many shoals of fishes moving in and around their natural aboard.  The water was so clear that we could see to the sea bed below.

      After our ride, we went to the beach and relaxed until we were supposed to take our cruise for Have Lock island.  Upon that salty sand, the hue was as gentle on the eyes as a vintage photograph.  The sand was softly golden with just comforting warmth.  We then took the cruise for Have Lock.  In the afternoon, we reached Eldorado our beach resort, where we had our lunch, and got some rest after a long joyful day.   In the evening, we went to Radhanagar beach, one of Asia’s number one beach.  The white sand and the tropical hills around made it more serene than the usual beaches we seen in other places.   We sat there and saw the sun with its southern splendors going down and welcoming the moon and the nightlife. The exhale of the setting sun melted beneath crystalline waters, bathing the world in liquid gold.


20181228_060845_2 (1)
A beautiful morning
The little doggos



A stroll outside our hotel

In the glass boat, at Bharatpur beach


At Bharatpur beach
Bye Neil island, at the Neil island harbor
Reached havelock island

Eldorado beach resort, Vijaynagar, Beach No.5 Havelock Island

At Radhanagar beach



8 thoughts on “Andaman and Nicobar islands travelogue part :- 1

  1. Adi it really took me back to Andaman & Nicobar Islands and give nostalgic feeling. Well done and great effort. Keep it up.


  2. We too went during the month of December and it is definitely one of the best places to visit, the emerald green water, the white soft sand, the beautiful seashells, all so mesmerising and unforgettable. Thanks Adi for taking me back there. Keep writing, I enjoy reading your blogs.

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